Zappi Charger EV Charger

The worlds first solar EV charger with three smart charging modes. Compatible with all plug-in vehicles with tethered or untethered options. The Zappi has a compact design and is compatible with all EVs on the market with its universal socket for type 1 or type charging cables.

What is Standard Installation?

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Standard Installation includes

Standard Installation Assumptions


    The Zappi 2.0 home EV charger is the British made, market leading charger from MyEnergi. This charger comes with both tethered and untethered options so you can either use a cable built into the unit or you can plug your own cable (sold seperately) into the base unit.
  • Built for Solar – One of the main advantages of the Zappi Charger is how easily it can take advantage of solar panels or wind generated energy. The smart modes can optimise your electricity usage and ensure you don’t spend any more than you need to on charging, while keeping your EV topped up. If you don’t have a solar panel system currently then don’t worry, the Zappi charger can operate as an ordinary charging point would by drawing power directly from the grid
    The Zappi charger has three charging modes which you can switch between depending on your charging needs at the time.
  • Fast Mode – In a hurry and need as much charge as you can get? The fast mode will charge your electric car at the maximum power (7KW) possible. This will use energy from renewable energy sources if available, but will top up as needed direct from the grid to ensure the quickest charge.
  • ECO – This mode will use a mixture of green energy and grid energy but at a slower 1.4kw rate. This is ideal when you need to charge but continuously but also want to keep the cost as low as possible.
  • ECO+ – The Eco+ mode will only charge the vehicle when you are producing an excess of energy from green sources. This will mean your charge will be slower, but you can take advantage of much lower energy costs. Perfect for EV owners with solar panels. If your charging need ever changes, simply select one of the other modes to increase your speed.

Additional information

Tethered or Untethered

Pick your unit with either a tethered cable built in or use your own with an untethered option.

Fast mode

Charge at the full 7KW speed using energy from solar, wind or the grid as needed

Eco Mode

Take advantage of both green energy from your solar panels or from the grid when supply is too low

Universal Socket

Compatible with all plug-in vehicles (type 1 or 2)

Smart App

The easy to use app can keep your on top of your charging at all times


7 kW


3 Year warranty as standard


43.9cm x 28.2cm x 12.2cm


Black, White


Programmable Timer Function

Do I need a tethered or untethered charger?

Tethered chargers have a cable built into the system which cannot be removed. Untethered do not have a cable attached and you can add your own cable to the unit (sold separately). Some units may only come in a tethered or untethered options.

How far is your fuse box from your install point?

90% of installs are 10m or less from your fuse box to where the charger will be installed. This is one of the main criteria behind our ‘standard installation’. Don’t worry if you are not sure, once your installer has looked at your survey, we will confirm if any additional works are required.

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